Week 1 - Principals and Practice / Project Management#

  • Author : Rico Kanthatham / Kai Naito (Fablab Kamakura)
  • Date created : 1/30/2020 (edited 1/27/2021)


Local Session Preparation Session: Every Thursday, 20:00pm - 22:00pm

  • Welcome Message by Youka-San…introduction to FLK policies for Local Session >> 10mins
  • Formal introduction of instructors and students >> 5mins
  • Review Week 1 Global Session & Assignment by Rico >> 10mins
  • Recitation: Git by Tsuchiya-san >> 30mins
  • Recitation: Documentation by Rico >> 15mins
  • Recitation: Project Management by Rico >> 15mins
  • Recitation: Nueval and efficient documentation by Tsuchiyama-san >> 20mins
  • Q&A


  1. Copy and paste “Student Agreement” and save as “agreement.md” into your local repository folder. Read and fully understand the content of the agreement then sign your name to acknowledge that you agree. It is very highly recommended that you read the Instructor’s Agreement and the Fablab Agreement as well…so that you are aware of their responsibilities to you.
  2. Plan and sketch a potential Final Project concept
  3. Complete a Git Tutorial
  4. Build a personal Fab Academy website in the class archives…describing yourself and your final project


  • Learn Git “Version Control”
  • Learn Markdown HTML script generation
  • Learn effective Fab Academy “Documentation” techniques
  • Learn Fab Academy Assessment (Nueval)
  • Learn “Project Management” techniques

Support documents#

Advices from Instructors#

  • Try some different text editors: テキストエディタはクラスで紹介されたものの中からいくつか使ってみて、自分に合うものを探すと良いです。
  • Copy other former student’s website and build yours upon it : トライしたい人は、過去の受講生のサイトからソースコードをコピーして自分のサイトに仕立ててみるとHTMLの勉強になります。
  • おすすめツール:Google Chrome developer tools
  • Create a weekly Fab Academy work schedule for yourself…to fit your own personal situation.

Class review#

[1.27.2021 Global Session Notes]https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CiHnOpTtVEZHo5ikInSZ7wgkp6s2Z0y-drPgGXZotBw/edit?usp=sharing)


Announcements / Notes#

File upload guidelines#

Maximum push (upload) size 10MB Maximum Cloud Repository size 100MB (for the entire Fab Academy course)

  • Image Files: save them into the local repository (each image should be approximately 150kb in size…downsizing of images will likely be required…use a batch image processing software such as XnConvert)
  • Video Files: upload to Youtube, Vimeo etc. and embed the links in your markdown document
  • Other files: save them into local repository

Gitlab Tips#

  • **Issue tracker:**授業に関するお知らせがポストされる > FabAcademy 2020 site
  • Set Global notification setting to “Watch”
  • You can post questions relevant to all members of Fab Academy in Gitlab using the Issue Tracker

Recitation : Version control by Julian#

  • Monday, February 1, 23:00pm JST

Class video (recorded)#