Week. Applications and Implications#

  • Author : kai naito / Asako Okazaki(Fablab Kamakura)
  • Date created : 04/11/2019
  • modified: 4/4/2020
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Time table#

  • 5.20(Thu) 20:00-21:00

    • Global session review
    • Review assignments
    • Final Project/ Nueval
    • Q&A
  • 5.22(Sat) 10:00-18:00

    • Indivisual work (Final Project)


Group assignment#

  • No Group aaignment

Individual Assignments#

  • Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered, answering:
    • Your project should incorporate 2D and 3D design,
    • additive and subtractive fabrication processes,
    • electronics design and production,
    • embedded microcontroller interfacing and programming,
    • system integration and packaging
    • Where possible, you should make rather than buy
    • the parts of your project
    • Projects can be separate or joint, but need to show individual mastery of the skills, and be independently operable

Learning outcomes#

  • Define the scope of a project
  • Develop a project plan

Have you answered these questions??#

  • What will it do? 何をするものなのか?
  • Who’s done what beforehand? 先行のプロジェクト
  • What will you design? 新しく自分がデザインする部分は?
  • What materials and components will be used? 材料と部品
  • Where will come from? 材料と部品の仕入先
  • How much will they cost? 材料と部品の金額
  • What parts and systems will be made? 制作するもの
  • What processes will be used? 制作方法(additive / subtractive両方使うこと)
  • What questions need to be answered? 現状の課題
  • How will it be evaluated? プロジェクトのゴールと評価基準

The answers to the questions above will allow you to create your BOM (Bill Of Materials).

Advices from Instructors#

  • Goal for the week

    • To determine and document the specifications for the Final Project.
    • Final Projectの仕様を決定してドキュメンテーションする。
  • Advice

    • It’s okay if things change later, so please apply the current plan to the requirements and put them together.

      • あとから変わっても構わないので、現時点のプランを要件に当てはめてまとめてください。
    • The BOM (bill of materials) is OK that you are planning as of today.

      • BOM(bill of materials : 材料リスト)は、現時点でわかっているものでOK。
    • It is recommended to draw a simple “system diagram” and “flowchart”.

      • 簡単な「システム図」と「フローチャート」を書くことをお勧めします。

      • e.g.)System diagram system diagram

    system diagram

    • 例)フローチャート flowchart

Requirements of Final project#

Learning outcomes#

  • Create your own integrated design
  • Demonstrate 2D & 3D modelling capabilities applied to your own designs
  • Select and apply appropriate additive and subtractive techniques
  • Demonstrate competence in design, fabrication and programming of your own fabbed microcontroller PCB, including an input & output device

Have you answered these questions?#

  • Made your slide> 1920 x 1080 pixels with your name, project name, Fab Lab name, a photo/render/sketch of your project, a brief description of what your project is/does
  • Made a ~1 minute (10MB/1080p) video of you explaining your project
  • Made a separate Final Project page that briefly summarises your project
  • Included the BOM (Bill of Materials) for your project
  • Linked from this page to any weeks that you worked on your final project
  • Linked to your presentation.png and presentation.mp4
  • Included all of your original design files in the archive (2D & 3D, board files & code). No external hosting of final project files - discuss file sizes with your instructor
  • Included the license you chose
  • Acknowledged work done by others

  • プロジェクトの要件:
    • Additiveとsubtractiveファブリケーションプロセスを含むこと
    • エレクトロニクスを含むこと
    • マイクロコントローラーのボードを含むこと
    • input deviceとoutput deviceを含める
    • (可能なら)モジュールを買うのではなく、自分で作ること
    • 自分のrepoに全てのデータを格納する

Announcements / notes#


No recitation this week.


  • Final presentations

    • ~200 students, 180 min/session, 50/session
    • Wed Jun 09
    • Fri Jun 11
    • Mon Jun 14
    • Wed Jun 16
    • (Fri Jun 18, hold if needed)
  • Cutoff

    • June 21: local to global eval cutoff
    • July 5: global eval to student cutoff
    • July 12: global eval to FAB16 graduation cutoff
    • Aug 9-13: FAB16
    • Dec 1: post-FAB16 cutoff for this cycle

Support documents#

Class video (recorded)#